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tgcCalendar (2003-2006)

Version: 2.0.1

  • Carsten Lucke

Language: PHP4


  • PHP4

tgcCalendar allows you to some basic date-calculations on operations. It provides methods like getMonth(), getYear(), isDayOfWeekend() and several more. You can also generate a tabular calendar that can mark different dates in different ways. The graphical methods use an underlying templating engine and Cascading Stylesheets what allows you to easily change the layout to fit your needings.
  • layout easily customizable through templates
  • supports callback-functions to track user-clicks
  • provides several methods for calculation and operations on dates
Title File Size Type
Latest release 32.836
Latest release tgcCalendar.tar.gz 30.474
Latest release tgcCalendar.tar.bz2 27.398
English API-documentation 94.871
English API-documentation tgcCalendar_doc_en.tar.gz 69.073
English API-documentation tgcCalendar_doc_en.tar.bz2 55.750
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