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Der in den Liedern liest

... published in PHP Magazin 2.05, 2005-01-26

  • Carsten Lucke
  • Stephan Schmidt

Online music-stores like Musicload are currently pretty much of public interest. To show information about songs in MP3-format not even any kind of database is needed but all necessary information is stored inside the file itself. This article shows how to get access to this data using PHP. Go, start your own music catalog...

Language: German

Characters: 16614

The article introduces the basic principles of id3-tags commonly used in MP3-files. At the time of press there are two alternatives available that allow reading and manipulating id3-tags using PHP. The reader gets adopted into both, PEAR::MP3_Id and ext/id3. Several examples show all the things that are possible and explain when to use which class/extension.
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