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tgcRSS (2004-2006)

Version: 0.5.0

  • Carsten Lucke

Language: PHP5


  • PHP5
  • tgcSPL

tgcRSS allows reading data out of RSS-feeds. It supports several versions of RSS documents. It allows using different backends to read the xml-data of the RSS-feed. Currently Expat and DOM XML are supported. You get result-objects for an RSS-feeds items, channel-, textinput- and image-information.
Title File Size Type
Latest release tgcRSS.tgz 5.099
Latest release 17.791
Latest release tgcRSS.tar.gz 12.611
Latest release tgcRSS.tar.bz2 12.275
English API documentation 106.016
English API documentation tgcRSS_doc_en.tar.gz 54.561
English API documentation tgcRSS_doc_en.tar.bz2 47.142
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