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PartMet-Backup (2002-2006)

Version: 2.1.1

  • Carsten Lucke

Language: C++


  • WinXP/2000/ME/9x

PartMet-Backup has been developed to prevent the loss of part.met-files after system-crashes or other ugly things that happen when using computers. If you lose those file or they get corrupted your ed2k-client will be unable to repeat the downloads. And as there are only few recovery-tools and even less are working fine you will certainly have to restart your download if anything bad happens to the part.met-files PartMet-Backup helps you to secure the part.met-files. It backups the relevant files in regular intervals that you may customize. All this can be done automatically and it also takes care whether your ed2k-client is running at all, to be sure not to overwrite a valid backup with a corrupt one.
Title File Size Type
Latest release 400.137
Version 1.42 325.317
German tutorial partmetbackup_tut_de.pdf 47.475
English tutorial partmetbackup_tut_en.pdf 46.337
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