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tgcSimplePoll (2003-2006)

Version: 2.0.0

  • Carsten Lucke

Language: PHP4


  • PHP4
  • MySQL

SimplePoll is a small but powerful voting-booth script. It uses a MySQL database to store the contents. The layout is easily adjustable because tgcSimplePoll uses patTemplate as templating engine. So you can create a skin on your own without much efforts. Simple layout changes can be done using Cascading Stylesheets. tgcSimplePoll ships to you with a admin-area where you can comfortably manage your different polls and view their results.
Title File Size Type
Latest release 331.258
Latest release tgcSimplePoll.tar.gz 226.711
Latest release tgcSimplePoll.tar.bz2 175.510
English API documentation 100.034
English API documentation tgcSimplePoll_doc_en.tar.gz 64.294
English API documentation tgcSimplePoll_doc_en.tar.bz2 52.934
Important notice
The tgc*-projects and many other information on this site is not actively maintained anymore. See my blog and personal website for up-to-date information.
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tgcSimplePoll demo
Example question
tgcSimplePoll roxxx!!!
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