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tgcSqlBuilder (2003-2006)

Version: 1.0.1

  • Carsten Lucke

Language: PHP4


  • PHP4

tgcSqlBuilder allows you to build SQL-statements using an object-oriented interface instead of many string-concatenations. You can simply build your queries with methods like addWhere(), setLimit() or others.
Title File Size Type
Latest release tgcSqlBuilder.tgz 14.056
Latest release 107.113
Latest release tgcSqlBuilder.tar.gz 73.730
Latest release tgcSqlBuilder.tar.bz2 55.924
English API documentation 140.306
English API documentation tgcSqlBuilder_doc_en.tar.gz 100.834
English API documentation tgcSqlBuilder_doc_en.tar.bz2 63.262
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