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tgc*-projects not maintained any longer 04/21/2007, 21:52

Most of the libraries and components provided on this page haven't changed for a long time because I do not use them in private projects anymore. There are several reasons for this:

  • I'm not a student anymore but have a full-time job, so I do a lot less private or freelance projects
  • spare-time is rare and I mostly use it to write articles, poke around with interesting new stuff and sometimes also to relax ;-)

So, from now on I will use my blog and personal website to write about my projects and ideas. The blog-entries are in English and soon my website will be, too.

If you're willing to maintain one of the tgc*-projects in the future, do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

Welcome to the new year 01/04/2007, 16:37

First of all - welcome to the new year 2007. I hope you had a good time during the last weeks with Christmas and the New Year's Day. I didn't post any new for quite some time because I've been pretty busy at work since I graduated in computer science. The good news is, I'm on vacation now, until the end of this week so here comes the news.

Stephan updated the Date_Holidays package. It now contains some new holiday-calculation drivers for Danish, Slowenian and Discordian holidays.

Other news from the last year is the release of the PEAR-book . I wrote the Date chapter which covers the date-section packages Calendar , Date and Date_Holidays . The chapter shows how to work with dates, time-zones, holidays and also how to build calendar-representations independent of any markup. Other topics covered are:

  • Accessing databases with MDB2
  • Displaying data in a range of formats (HTML, Excel spreadsheet, PDF)
  • Creating and parsing XML documents
  • Serializing PHP objects into XML, and unserializing XML documents to PHP objects
  • Consuming and offering web services
  • Accessing Web APIs including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Technorati
  • Working with the Date, Calendar and Date_Holidays packages

I hope I'll have some more time for open-source and writing articles/book this year. We'll see how this works out. Cheers!

Date_Holidays updated 01/17/2006, 22:27

Last weekend I released a new version (0.15.1) of PEAR::Date_Holidays . This new version comes up with several requested features like:

  • the ability to get a listing of installed drivers and filters,
  • support for Swedish holidays
  • and several smaller improvements.
As usual you can install or upgrade the package via the PEAR installer.

Publications update 12/06/2005, 22:00

My latest article, "PHP goes Redmond", for the german PHP-Magazin can be found in the pulications-section, now. It was released in issue #1/2006 and describes how to write and build PHP extensions using Microsoft Windows.

New publications 10/22/2005, 17:01

Welcome! Today I have two things to announce:

First: I added my latest publications which can be found here.

Second: You may have noticed the sidebar-link to . It's a new project I started which provides a PEAR channel server which you can use to get some libraries of me and some good (and very skilled) friends of mine. Currently there are three packages available:

  • HTTP_Cache - a client-side HTTP cache
  • Util_Checksum - often needed exception classes useful for any kind of project
  • P3AR_Exception - a framework for tasks that consist of generation and validation
Have a good look at that!

Publications and more 06/05/2005, 17:48

Today I managed to add my latest publication - an article about writing php-extensions published in the German PHP-Magazin.

What's also new is the possibility to access the code for the tgc* packages via subversion. The base-url is followed by the package-name you're interested in. There are repositories for the following packages:

Still alive ... 05/11/2005, 01:13

I didn't update the site for quite some time now. Not because I was lazy but because I never found any time to do it. Although making updates is much easier now as I use patPortal , I didn't get it done. For now I updated the publications section and added my latest articles as well as the latest projects-information. I'm looking forward to do some package releases during the next week. There will be a new version of PEAR::Date_Holidays as well as some new articles and other stuff.

Relaunch of 11/21/2004, 01:57

If you have been to this site once before, you will have noticed that it looks much different now. As I mentioned in the last news-entry I've been working on a new version of it. Took some time but now the most work is done, although some finishing touches will have to be added.

The greatest change is that the site is no longer in German. The API-docs have been in English for some time and now the site also is. Downloads for all tgc*** packages are available in several file-formats now. Same with the api-doc archives that can be downloaded seperately.

There were some new packages lying on my box for several weeks, which I didn't want to release before the new site was up. These are tgcRSS and tgcSPL. Both are written in PHP5 and won't work with PHP4.

Working on v2 09/16/2004, 17:00

Currently I am working on the new version of this website. I will be using patPortal as groundwork as it eases lots of every-day tasks and also because it is written in PHP5. patPortal is another very nice project of the PHP Application-Tools people. I am helping on the development work a bit. Work started about two months ago and it's looking pretty good already. For more information see .

Once I am ready with the site you'll see some new releases.

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